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B/P Stabili-T (formerly Hyper-T) helps to promote healthy blood circulation and normal blood pressure. It helps protect against the formation of plaque in the blood vessels, and it helps slow the circulation of stress hormones.

Common Supplement Results

Most people will see initial benefits from B/P Stabili-T within 1-2 weeks. That generally includes lower numbers when you test your blood pressure level, as well as a general feeling of wellbeing. Results from B/P Stabili-T build over time, and it generally takes 2-3 months to see the full effects of this supplement.*

Everyone is different, and results will vary from person to person. The key is to maintain consistent use every day to see best results.*


Take two capsules every morning and two every evening with or without food.


It’s likely that your doctor has warned you about your blood pressure being too high, because about 75 million Americans have high blood pressure - that’s 1 in 3. It can create serious problems for your health if you let it stay at an elevated level. And, let’s face it, most of us are confronted with a string of events on a daily basis that can easily keep blood pressure levels high.

That’s why we created B/P Stabili-T to help support healthy blood circulation without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. We use natural ingredients that help support the heart and help manage the circulation of stress hormones.

We use herbs like Arjuna, Ashwagandha, and Hawthorn Berry that work together to support normal blood pressure. These are plants that have been used for centuries to help hearts stay healthy.


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  • Arjuna

    Arjuna promotes cardiac fucntion by supporting blood pressure and cholesterol levles already within the normal range.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Arjuna is used in health supplements today for promoting normal blood circulation and a healthy heart.  It has been used since the 7th Century BC in Ayurvedic Medicine for heart health.  It received the nickname "Guardian of the Heart" for its support of the cardiovascular system.  It is traditionally known to support blood flow by its vasodilating properties and has been used as an antioxidant for heart health.*

  • Hawthorn Berry

    Hawthorn Berry helps regulate blood pressure already within normal range, strengthen the heart and arteries, promote a normal heartbeat, and increase cornoary blood flow while reducing heart rate.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Hawthorn Berry is used as a health supplement today to strengthen the tissues of the heart and circulatory system.  Hawthorn is traditionally used to strengthen the heart and arteries supporting a normal heartbeat.  Hawthorn has traditionally been used to support coronary blood flow while supporting the hearts workload.*

  • Ashwagandha

    Traditionally used to support natural energy levels and moderate the effects of occasional stress.  Studies have shown a rejuvenating effect.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps to regulate physiological processes.  It is traditionally used to increase vitality and reduce stress.  This can help the circulatory system to adapt itself more efficiently.*

  • Calcium

    Calcium is essential for living organisms, functioning as a signal for many cellular processes. Calcium is found in many foods, including dairy products, nuts, broccoli, leafy greens, and tofu.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Calcium supports renal (kidney) function. Cardiovascular and kidney health are many times interrelated since kidneys filter our blood and support normal blood pressure.  Kidney function also supports mineral balance (like sodium, phosphorus and potassium) in the blood.*

  • Gotu Kola

    Gotu Kola supports circulation and the nervous system.* 

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Gotu Kola is used traditionally and in health supplements today to promote mental clarity and relaxation, and to support blood circulation and tissue strength.  Gotu Kola supports vein and capillary integrity.  It is known to support the pressure related to venous insufficiency.*

  • Shankhpushpi

    Shankpushpi is an Ayurvedic herb traditionally used to support the nervous system, blood circulation, and mental health.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Shankhpushpi is used in health supplements today to ease restlessness and promote mental clarity.  Shankpushpi is used in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine to support a healthy stress response.  A healthy stress response is important for the optimum health of the cardiovasuclar system.  According to Ayurvedic Medicine Shankpushpi is known to calm the vata and pitta doshas.*

  • Gaozaban

    Gaozaban is used in Ayurvedic Medicine to ease muscle tension and strengthen the nervous system.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Gaozaban is used in health supplements today to promote cardiovascular function.  Traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to calm aggravated pitta and excessive heat.*

  • Guduchi

    Guduchi is a staple in Ayurveda, where it has been used to protect the liver, promote joint and bone strength, and enhance longevity.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Guduchi is used in health supplements today for its antioxidant properties and its ability to support the liver and the immune system.  It is known to have adaptogenic properties supporting the bodies ability to adapt to internal and external stress.  Guduchi is tonifying in nature and traditionally used to support liver health.  It is traditionally used to support the nervous system in Ayurveda.*

  • Jyotishmati

    Jyotishmati is an Ayurvedic herb used traditionally to support brain health and to enlighten the mind.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Jyotishmati seeds are used in health supplements today to support cardiovascular and mental function.*

  • Pushkaramula

    Pushkaramula has been used for centuries for cardiovascular and respiratory health.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Pushkaramula is used in health supplements today to promote healthy cardiovascular and respiratory functions.  Pushkaramula (or Inula Racemosa) is an herb that grows in high mountain areas and is used in Ayurvedic Medicine.*




Amount Per Serving

Calcium 14 mg (<1%)

Hawthorn Berry

1,100 mg (+)


100 mg (+)

Gotu Kola

70 mg (+)


70 mg (+)


70 mg (+)


60 mg (+)


60 mg (+)


30 mg (+)


30 mg (+)
Other ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetable cellulose), rice bran, and silica. DOES NOT CONTAIN artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, corn, and milk. **Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. If blank, % Daily Value is not established.

B/P Stabili-T Supplement Reviews

Amazing results from several LifeSeasons products!
3 _ years ago I got a sample of the BP Stabili-T to try & my blood pressure was normal within 5 days of taking it! I continued to take it and have great results for the next 6 months until I left my job to take care of my mom who was very sick. I stopped buying the BP Stabili-T and my blood pressure went through the roof from all the stress I was under.

I went to my western doctor and they put me on 10 mg of a prescription blood pressure med. I did not want to take this much so I agreed to take half the dose at 5 mg. Even at half the dose, I was experiencing all the side effects people complain about when taking these meds (tired, swollen ankles, etc).

When I started working again, I cut my dosage in half again to 2.5 mg and started taking apple cider vinegar with my meds. This definitely helped a little and took away some of the side effects.

3 months ago, I fully weaned myself off of the meds and started taking BP Stabili-T again. My symptoms immediately went away and my blood pressure has been amazing ever since!!

Once I saw how well the BP Stabili-T worked for me, I tried Pain Bloc-R for my TMJ, neck, and back pain and now I absolutely swear by this product too. I get severe headaches from the TMJ but have not experienced even one since taking this. I take it every night.

I also started on Choles-T and my cholesterol was down 35 points in 30 days.

And lastly, I tried Glucose Stabili-T and now my doctor says I am no longer Pre-Diabetic!
From: Denise | Date: 8/6/2017
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Great ingredients
Has everything you need to help support blood pressure!
From: Tony | Date: 7/10/2017
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