Press Release: LifeSeasons Releases Five New Condition-Specific Supplements

Monday, March 5, 2018

LifeSeasons® Releases Five New Condition-Specific Supplements

LEWISVILLE, TX (March 5, 2018) – LifeSeasons, a pioneer and leader in condition-specific supplements, has released five new products for multiple targeted health concerns. The new products, Blood Nourish-R, Circulari-T, Lung Capaci-T, Neuro-T, and Nitro-T, are each formulated with scientifically-tested, efficacious ingredients that work together synergistically and quickly absorb into the body.

“Today’s consumers are looking for personalized, natural, and proven alternatives to OTC products and pharmaceuticals drugs,” said Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO of LifeSeasons. “Since 2009, our passion has been, and continues to be, formulating condition-specific products with clinically-backed ingredients. We are proud to add these five new supplements to our expanding product line to further help people live their best and most productive life.”

LifeSeasons philosophy is Nature works. Science proves it™. Based on this, it takes a more holistic, naturopathic approach to help address prominent health concerns that commonly occur during all stages of life. The five new formulations include:

Blood Nourish-R is an iron and blood builder supplement that nourishes healthy blood building processes*. Its non-constipating formula helps to revitalize and energize due to its potent key ingredients of iron, vitamin B12, alfalfa, beet root, and red raspberry leaf*.

Circulari-T is a supplement for restless legs that promotes the structural integrity of arteries, capillaries, and veins*. Based on its key ingredients of butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, grape seed extra, cayenne, and ginkgo, this supplement helps to strengthen peripheral blood flow and sooth heavy and restless legs*.

Lung Capaci-T is a natural cough expectorant that increases oxygen uptake in the lungs and helps thin mucus*. It also soothes the respiratory tract due to its key ingredients of N-Acetyl Cysteine, Boswellin, mullein, cordyceps, and eucalyptus*.

Neuro-T is a concentration and focus promoting supplement*. Based on its key ingredients of bacopa, yerba mate, huperzine A, ginkgo, and L-Theanine, this formula helps promote the ability to concentrate and enhances mental performance and focus*.

Nitro-T is a nitric oxide supplement formulated with L-Citrulline, tribulus, muira puama, wild oat, and Korean ginseng, to help increase nitric oxide levels and assist with healthy blood circulation*. Nitro-T helps to ease stress while supporting physical and sexual performance*.

 “We understand the environmental sensitivities people face and consumer attitudes when it comes to nutritional supplements. So all LifeSeasons products are certified gluten-free and magnesium stearate free, with most containing no artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, soy or milk,” said Chris Crawford VP of Education at LifeSeasons. “We are always on a quest to identify the best natural ingredients to help our consumers maintain an optimum state of health.”

All LifeSeasons condition-specific supplements are available at and in 3,000+ U.S. retailers across the nation including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts and other independent retailers.

About LifeSeasons®

LifeSeasons, founded in 2009, is a pioneering manufacturer of custom condition-specific nutraceutical supplements supported by science. Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO, created the company based on his passion for empowering people to live life to its fullest potential by starting with good health. From the start, LifeSeasons has been providing best-in-class supplements with clinically-tested, bioavailable ingredients. The formulas work together to deliver safe and effective potent solutions to address a wide range of health conditions. LifeSeasons is committed to blending the wisdom of nature with cutting-edge science by utilizing a naturopathic approach to create high quality, scientifically-validated health solutions. LifeSeasons believes that nature works and science proves it. Visit to learn more.