Let’s Talk About Your Heart

Let’s Talk About Your Heart

Your Heart. Something you probably don’t think about often, yet it continues to hold a steady beat and pump blood to all of your organs. The heart is such an incredible organ that needs to be taken care of. To help prevent disease, we’ve collected some tips to make daily changes in your habits for your healthiest heart yet.
Eat healthy and Focus on the Middle –Your middle, that is. We hear this phrase over and over again and understand that it’s repetitive, but there is a reason. You are what you eat, and it also reflects on your heart health. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, carrying too much weight around the middle raises blood pressure and does other damage to the heart.

Calories in, Calories out – Not only do you have to watch what you eat, but what you burn. It’s calories in (what you eat) and calories out (how you exercise) that will make a difference. Being active is essential for your heart health and over all general health

Go Fish – No not the game, eat fish. Studies have shown that including fish high in omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, herring, sardines and tuna) into your diet can reduce the risk of <span id=”0 this website.9256682281848043″ class=”highlight”>heart disease by a third or more.

Laugh Out Loud – No really, it’s time to laugh. Research from the University of Maryland Medical Center shows that laughter helps relieve the stress that damages the endothelium, the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels and helps your blood flow. Tune into your favorite comedies weekly to get a good laugh, and yes, we just recommend a little bit of TV watching (its for your heartright?)

Shoot for 7- Seven hours of sleep that is. Studies have shown adults who slept 7 hours a night have less calcium in their arteries than those who slept 5 hours or less. Try to hit your pillow earlier, we find your mood will improve, and so will your heart.

Stress Less – You can’t avoid stress entirely, it’s part of our everyday life! But you can choose how to deal with it. Find a new hobby or form of entertainment that reduces your stress daily.

Treat your heart to LifeSeasons – The enemies of a healthy heartand cardiovascular system inflict damage silently over time, so you may not even be aware of a serious health problem until you discover out-of-range blood pressure levels, high cholesterol or a triglyceride imbalance. So, we’ve included formulated ingredients that provide support in managing high blood pressure related to these negative, nerve-related forces.

Choles-T: Choles-T combines the award-winning Cholesstrinal HP with red yeast rice and beta sitosterol. This is clinically proven to support healthy cholesterol by inhibiting the production of cholesterol in the body and facilitating the processing of food-            generated cholesterol. LifeSeasons Choles-T helps you maintain your cholesterol levels within the normal range by providing nutritional support for your liver and triglyceride levels.

Hyper-T: Hyper-T work together to provide you the nutritional needs for a healthy heart. Elevated blood pressure lets you know that your body’s ability to deal with accumulated stressors (e.g., lack of sleep, environmental toxins and poor diet) is in decline. LifeSeasons Hyper-T helps you get the nutritional support you need to manage signs of increased blood pressure.

Your heart works hard for you nonstop your whole life. Find a way to show it some TLC daily. Making small changes in your habits can make a real difference in your heart health, so let’s strive to start making them today.