Narrowing the Hunger Gap in South Sudan

Narrowing the Hunger Gap in South Sudan
Darrin and Bianca of LifeSeasons, working with GEMS (an NGO in South Sudan), recently returned from their third trip with an increased resolve to help end the starvation spreading across the country. Darrin explains:

“The dreaded Hunger Gap is quickly approaching South Sudan. Prior to the rainy season each year, the people of South Sudan suffer between three to five months with little or no food. Imminent starvation compels many South Sudanese to leave their homes in search of sustenance. Too often, this desperation leads them back into Sudan, putting them at unusually high risk of slavery and forced Islam indoctrination. Understanding these tragic circumstances, I was deeply moved as the Governor of Aweii State, the Hon. Ronald Deng, delivered an impassioned plea for help. I am working diligently to raise funds to purchase sorghum. This will allow the people of Aweii State to remain in their homes while preparing for the rainy season, when they will again be able to provide for themselves.”

The reality of the Hunger Gap became poignantly evident during our visit to a school in Aweii. As we approached the gate, students of all ages – manifesting severe malnutrition, clothed in rags, many without shoes – welcomed us with huge smiles and outstretched hands.

What happened next clearly indicated how well the students’ radiant faces veiled their absolute deprivation. When they saw the treats we had brought from the states, the line the children had begun to form morphed into a friendly mob, each student jostling the next to grab and immediately devour his or her one piece of candy.

We had thought it would be nice to bring the students a treat. But because the people of South Sudan survive on an average of one sparse meal per day, the candy wan’t just a treat – it was sustenance.

Although we weren’t equipped to meet every immediate need during our visit, we felt grateful to help narrow the Hunger Gap by delivering 87 female goats – many to orphans and freed slaves. A goat provides two indispensable resources: 1) nutrition required to sustain life, and 2) funds for the annual cost of an education.

One goat can literally save and transform lives by nourishing both body and mind.

Our Mission with Passionate About Life is to: 
Provide Food, Water, Education, Medical and Polio Care, and Emancipate Slaves
Join us on our Journey.

Darrin Peterson, LifeSeasons CEO was recently featured on Fox News with GEMS Founder, Ellen Ratner, talking about their work in South Sudan. Below is the Segment.