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Having seasonal allergies can be miserable—everyone else is outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and you’re stuck indoors with a stuffy nose and watery eyes. That’s where Breathe-X comes in. “The components are designed to support neutralizing the foreign substances, like pollen, that your body is reacting to,” says Margaret Apostol, MD, medical director for LifeSeasons. “Some ingredients support the immune system while others contain antioxidants or reduce inflammation.” The best part: You can notice a difference within 30 minutes of taking it. Here’s more about how Breathe-X’s unique formula is designed to make allergy symptoms less severe, so you can get out and enjoy your life.

Quercetin: Found in red wine and berries, this flavonoid is used to treat issues as varied as heart disease and gout. It’s also helpful to allergy sufferers since it stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammation, and blocks how much histamine is released.

Bromelain: This natural enzyme, which comes from pineapples, is great at soothing nasal passages and dissolving mucus (a byproduct of inflammation brought on in an allergic reaction). “Interestingly, bromelain also helps the absorption of quercetin,” says Dr. Apostol.

Vitamin C: This antioxidant isn’t just good for colds—it’s also effective at fighting allergies. That’s because it’s a natural antihistamine, meaning your body won’t react as strongly to the allergens. It also fights excessive inflammation and helps the immune system.

Nettle Leaf: “Also known as stinging nettle, the surface of the nettle leaf stings when you touch it, causing your body to release histamines,” says Dr. Apostol. “That’s why it’s so ironic that as a supplement it can be used as an antihistamine.” It works though: Researchers looked at 69 patients who had allergies and found they saw a significant benefit when taking stinging nettle versus a placebo.


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