Our expertise is at the heart of every formula.

Darrin Peterson

Darrin Peterson | CEO & Founder

Darrin is a Natural Products veteran, having founded two businesses in the industry and developed a line of innovative products that address health concerns arising from today’s lifestyles. He has a unique understanding of how natural supplements support good health and is driven by a passion for empowering people to live life to its full potential.
Richard Mackillop

Richard Mackillop | COO

Richard is an experienced business leader with expertise in building processes and operational structures that deliver results. He has founded two internet software businesses, and he is skilled at leading the integration of Finance, Customer Service, and Technology to work together in delivering products and delighting customers.
Kristen Moore

Kristen Moore | CMO

Kristen has built an expertise in creating brands that connect with customers wherever they are, whether online or in retail stores. She has led the go-to-market strategy for large and early-stage businesses, and is driven by a passion to help people access knowledge that helps them live healthier and happier lives.
DaRon Gillilan

DaRon Gillilan | CSO

DaRon has built his career in the Natural Products industry, as a store owner and a Sales executive, and he is an expert at building true partnerships with retailers to deliver products that meet the needs of their consumers. He is passionate about helping people find optimum health through a lifestyle that includes natural herbs and supplements.
Robin Rogosin

Robin Rogosin | VP, Business Development

Robin built her Natural Products career as a buyer and sales manager and is educated in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnomedicine & Biology. She developed a specialty in natural supplements and remedies that underlies her deep understanding of the healing power of nature and her passion for holistic health.
Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford | VP, Education

Chris has spent his career in the Natural Products industry, from retail to wholesale, and the core of his expertise always comes back to education. He is passionate about helping people become more knowledgeable about supplements, so that they can make informed decisions about which products lead them to live healthier lives.  

Brent Roth

Brent is a chemical engineer with 20+ years’ experience in health supplements. He serves as a leader in important industry organizations and is an expert in combining herbs, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals into effective formulations.

Michael Corrigan

Michael is a trained herbalist, experienced educator, and respected consultant to the Natural Products industry. He draws on three decades of experience in traditional western herbalism, phytotherapy, and nutritional healing.

Dr. Mary Ann Block

Mary Ann is an international expert on using a natural and practical approach to children’s health. She is the founder and Medical Director of the Block Center, which specializes in treatment of chronic health issues.