Chari Core 4


As a world-class athlete, Chari has made her health and performance a priority. As she continues to learn about new aspects of her health and current, ongoing scientific information, she has turned to LifeSeasons to supplement her hard work.

These four supplements can benefit everyone, whether or not you’re an athlete. People of every age, size, fitness level, etc. typically need a little boost in these four areas, and the health benefits that can be reaped are beneficial for everyone.

This special bundle includes:
  • Chari’s Core 4 Guide will teach you how Chari uses each of the included supplements in her life and how they can help you
  • Adrenal-T to nourish our body’s stress response system, fight fatigue, and help our bodies adapt to internal and external stress
  • Clinical Immunity Quick-Start for boosting your immune system up to peak performance so that you can be assured that you’re in good shape
  • Digestivi-T for gut balance and nutrient absorption so that the food you eat gets turned into nourishment for your hardworking body
  • Stem Boost-R for repair and replenishment at the cellular level so that you can stay ahead of daily wear-and-tear
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