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ReCODE Protocol Supplements by LifeSeasons

ReCODE Protocol is a revolutionary line of cognitive support supplements formulated by LifeSeasons in partnership with Dale Bredesen, MD, world-renowned neuro scientist and author of the New York Times bestseller, The End of Alzheimer’s.

ReCODE Protocol supplements have been expertly crafted to enhance a personalized, integrative treatment plan that has been shown to improve outcomes in those experiencing cognitive impairment. 

Visit Apollo Health to learn more about Dr. Bredesen, the ReCODE Report, and the life-changing treatment plan for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. 

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ReCODE Protocol Daily 3 Bundle

Daily brain support regimen formulated with Dale Bredesen, MD.

ReCODE Protocol Daily 3 Bundle is a convenient daily brain support regimen formulated with Dale Bredesen, MD to help prevent and reverse symptoms associated with cognitive decline. It consists of three products: ReCODE Protocol Daily Multivitamin, ReCODE Protocol Daily Probiotics, and ReCODE Protocol Daily Omega-3s.


ReCODE Protocol Daily Multivitamin

Formulated with essential nutrients designed to boost cognitive performance*

ReCODE Daily Multivitamin not only supports overall wellness, it includes nutrients that are essential for sustained brain health.* Ingredients are provided in the bioactive forms to promote optimal cognition and memory.*


ReCODE Protocol Daily Omega-3s

Supports cognitive function with EPA and DHA*

ReCODE Protocol Daily Omega-3s includes EPA and DHA from fish oil in a ration optimized for brain health, cognition, and memory.* Daily Omega-3s also supports cardiovascular health and promotes joint flexibility.*


ReCODE Protocol Daily Probiotics

Supports the gut-brain connection by helping to balance the body's microbiome*

ReCODE Protocol Daily Probiotics includes beneficial strains found to support neurotransmitter production and influence the gut-brain axis—the nervous system pathway between the digestive tract and brain.* These specific strains help balance the stress response and optimize cognition, along with providing well-known digestive and immune health benefits.*


ReCODE Protocol Type 1 Inflammatory

Promotes a healthy response to inflammation*

ReCODE Protocol Type 1 provides enzymes, herbs, and nutrients that promote optimal cognition and memory and a healthy response to inflammation.*


ReCODE Protocol Type 1.5 Glycotoxic

Helps balance glucose levels for improved cognitive health*

ReCODE Protocol Type 1.5 Glycotoxic provides both well-researched botanicals and key minerals used in normal glucose metabolism.* Maintaining normal blood glucose is vital for supporting healthy cognitive function.*