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Time spent in bed is usually doing one of two things: Sleeping or having sex. While the two activities couldn’t be more different, if you’re not doing much of the first, you might not be doing very much of the second either. That’s because poor sleep quality directly impacts your desire to get it on (and vice versa: The better rested you are, the higher your libido). Here’s more about the connection between rest and romance:

Lack of sleep affects energy. It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you that when you’re exhausted, you just aren’t going to have as much pep as you usually do. And that can impact you most late in the day (which just happens to be when most people have alone time with their partner).

Lack of sleep affects mood. You also might find yourself feeling irritated with your partner or frustrated in general with things going on in your life. Minor inconveniences, like an annoying coworker or neighbor, start to really get under your skin. And when you feel that way, it can be pretty hard to get your mind focused on getting in the mood.

Lack of sleep affects testosterone levels. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that after a week of sleeping less than five hours a night, men had much lower levels of testosterone compared to when they’re sleeping solidly. And with low testosterone comes low libido.



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