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No two people have the exact same personality, family history, marriage, or career. And that’s why there are no two people with the exact same things causing them to feel stressed or anxious. But even though the specifics may be different, chances are, their stressors fall into one of these six main categories:

1. Work: Whether you do your job at a desk or in a factory, there are always going to be things in your professional life that cause you stress. It might be specific to your day-to-day tasks, like a deadline, tight quality-control standards, or a demanding boss. Or it could be more Big Picture, like maybe you aren’t happy with your job and wish you could be promoted or worked for another company (or in another industry completely!).

2. Family: You love your relatives, but they can really pile on the stress. It might be an everyday thing, like a tiff you got in with your partner or finding out your daughter is struggling in school, or more intense family issues, like a spouse’s loss of employment or getting divorced.

3. Finances: Few things have the ability to keep you up at night and feeling anxious like unpaid bills, credit card balances, or a lack of money in your bank account. Money (or, more specifically, not having enough of it) causes 30 percent of Americans to be constantly stressed.

4. Health Concerns: Having a chronic condition like diabetes or back pain that impacts your daily life can raise your stress levels (which can, in turn, cause more health issues). But it might not just be your health that’s causing you to worry—caregiver stress from being responsible for the health of an aging partner or close family member can be an emotional burden.

5. Big Changes: Moving to a new city or getting married are exciting milestones, but they can also be stressful. It can be anxiety-inducing to get used to a new environment or routine. (The good news is that once you do settle in, the stress goes down!)

6. The State of the World: Whether it’s stress about politics or anxiety surrounding issues like global warming, there’s a lot in the newspaper that can trigger negative emotions. Two-thirds of Americans have said that they get stressed or anxious thinking about the future of the country.




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