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“The big reason women suffer from menopausal symptoms is decreased production of estrogen—and that can affect you in different ways,” says Margaret Apostol, MD, medical director for LifeSeasons Medical Clinic. “Estrogen has many receptors throughout the body, so a lack of it can cause some women to have vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood changes and irritability, decreased libido, and more. It’s a very complex thing.” That’s where taking a supplement can help. “As you transition from having regular periods to full menopause, you’ll have different kinds of issues,” says Dr. Apostol. “The multiple ingredients in Pausitivi-T can help address them.” Here’s a little more about what some of those ingredients are:

Sage: Think of this as a cooling agent that can help with night sweats or hot flashes. In one study, researchers followed women who experienced at least five hot flashes every day. They took sage tablets for eight weeks and had a 64 percent drop in the number of hot flashes. 

Soy Isoflavones: “This is a polyphenol derived from soy products like soybeans and miso,” says Dr. Apostol. “It’s in low doses but can help mimic estrogen, so it can help compensate for the drop of estrogen in your body and can protect your body from experiencing menopause symptoms.” And studies back this up. One showed that after 12 weeks of taking soy isoflavone supplement, women had improved scores on something called the Menopause Rating Scale, which measures 11 common menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh: This herb can help with hot flashes as well—research shows that in eight weeks it can significantly improve the amount and severity of hot flashes. Other research shows it can improve a variety of menopause symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and sexual desire.

Wild Yam and Chaste Berry: “These two ingredients can help with the lower levels of progesterone, which also drop during menopause,” says Dr. Apostol. For example, chaste berry has been shown to improve the mood of women during menopause and cut down on hot flashes



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