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Supporting kids in South Sudan with GEMS

Darrin Peterson, CEO of LifeSeasons


At LifeSeasons, we are passionate about life. We want everyone in the world to be able to live their best lives, and that goes beyond simply helping people through our supplements.

We recognize that in order to lead happy, healthy, fulfilled lives – people need all of their most basic needs met. That’s why we’re so passionate about supporting the world’s most vulnerable, starting in South Sudan.



Our fundraising efforts are focused on raising $75,000 for the completion of a healthcare clinic in the village of Majok Goi.

Clean Water

Your generous donations raise funds for water wells, replacing the need for villagers to walk up to three hours to watering holes shared with wildlife.

Sustainable Farming

Sponsorship programs give farmers the training and resources to learn new agriculture techniques that prevent starvation for families in this region.

Goats Project

Donating goats to families helps fight hunger by providing sustainable food sources to those at risk of starvation in South Sudan.

Survivor Hearts

Present your loved ones with a Swarovski crystal heart on a sterling silver chain handmade by women in South Sudan to support their recovery from PTSD.

GEMS Medical Supply Wishlist

You can truly make a difference right from your Amazon shopping cart. The GEMS Medical Supply Wishlist features vital medical equipment and other supplies that will be used to stock a healthcare facility in South Sudan. Don’t forget to select the “GEMS Development Foundation’s Gift Registry Address” to send your donation right to the organization.

South Sudan: The Youngest and Most Vulnerable Country on Earth

  • ONE physician per 65,574 people
  • 8,300,000 people face severe famine
  • 59% of the population does not have access to clean water

The war in Ukraine has forced the United Nations to divert funding and cut food rations to South Sudan by as much as half. In addition, high global energy prices have escalated global food prices, making it even more difficult to feed the hungry.

The situation worsens during the rainy season when flooding submerges homes underwater and prevents the delivery of humanitarian aid. Record rainfalls and overflowing rivers have overwhelmed farmlands and prevented people from planting crops.

Unfortunately, for the people of South Sudan, the hunger crisis is nothing new. A civil war that erupted in 2013 caused over 4 million people to flee their homes. The conflict pushed the country into an economic downfall, with skyrocketing costs of food and fuel.

Forced from their homes, people have lost their livelihoods and possessions, including essential livestock and farming tools to support sustainable communities and reliable food sources.

South Sudan’s healthcare system is also in desperate need of workers. Currently, only 44% of South Sudan’s population lives within reach of a healthcare facility.

The crisis in South Sudan has become desperate. Millions of people, many of them children, face the threat of starvation and disease.

But there is hope.

Empowering Hope. Cultivating Opportunity.

GEMS Development Foundation is dedicated to helping the people of South Sudan by building life-saving medical facilities, clean water wells, and sustainable food sources.

How to Make a Donation

To make a tax-deductible donation, simply head to the website for GEMS Development Foundation.


Interested in learning more about LifeSeasons’ “Passionate About Life” perspective?

Discover how to end hunger in South Sudan on the GEMS Development Foundation website.

Watch Darrin Peterson, LifeSeasons’ CEO & Founder, interview with Fox News to hear him talk about why he’s so passionate about the lives of the South Sudanese, how we all can help; and why LifeSeasons is matching the first 100 goat donations with their own 100 donated goats.

GEMS kids in South Sudan