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Saw palmetto for prostate health is probably one of the most untapped secrets. This palm plant has green leaves that look like the teeth of a saw and flowers that produce berries. Saw palmetto berries have been dried and used for many years for a wide range of medicinal purposes, like an unbalanced urinary tract or even hair loss.

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At LifeSeasons, we’re all about using all-natural ingredients to help your body do what it does best. We just had to do a deep dive into this earthy herb and answer some of your most burning questions.

Should you be using saw palmetto for prostate health? Well, we think so! And we think saw palmetto is one of those ingredients from the ground that could change your life.

Using Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health

From a walnut to a lemon, your prostate is steadily growing as you age. This is where the problem comes in. When the prostate gland grows too big, it can apply unwanted and very uncomfortable pressure onto your bladder or urethra, causing urinary issues. Let’s try to break this down further.

Your Prostate DHT Levels Matter

In the prostate, the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen hormone. During puberty, DHT is responsible for the development of vital sex organs. But in adulthood, too much DHT could mean something concerning.

For women, too much DHT could mean excessive hair growth or hair loss, early menopause, and increased acne. For men, high DHT could also mean hair loss and encourages the growth of prostate cells, enlarging the prostate.

Studies show that men with enlarged prostate glands tend to produce less testosterone. This is an issue because DHT can build up and remain in the body longer.

Is Saw Palmetto Good for Prostate Health?

Saw palmetto is a good option for promoting better prostate health. Studies reveal that saw palmetto could be used to interfere with testosterone-DHT conversion. While the needs of each body are different, saw palmetto could reduce the effectiveness of DHT production. This could stop or slow the enlargement of the prostate and ease subsequent symptoms.

How Much Saw Palmetto Is Too Much?

Each body requires something different, but the evidence is inconclusive on doses of saw palmetto. There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to declare any amount of saw palmetto as “too much.” Daily dosage recommendations can fall anywhere between 160–320 milligrams.

Can You Boost Your Health with Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto is a great ingredient to improve your health and tackle many of the most common health concerns in men and women. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of this powerful plant, including how great saw palmetto for prostate health can be. Then, we’ll check out how you can increase your intake to make it a part of your daily routine.

Promoting a Healthier Urinary Tract

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. But what happens when your flow just won’t…well, flow? Urinary retention or incontinence is a big sign that something is going on in your urinary tract. Saw palmetto has been shown to increase urinary flow and over all quality of life.

What Does Saw Palmetto Do for a Woman?

Women are 30 times more likely to suffer with symptoms of an unhealthy urinary tract. It comes down to biology. The urethra (carries urine out of the bladder) in women is shorter and can allow bacteria to cultivate.

Saw Palmetto for Prostate-couple-in-bed

Typically, saw palmetto is recommended for men who want a natural remedy for prostate issues. However, it can be beneficial to women for the same reason. Women produce testosterone, too.

For women, saw palmetto could assist with urinary flow, acne, hair loss, and other problems. Taking saw palmetto is not recommended if you’re pregnant and may decrease effectiveness if you are taking hormonal birth control.

Increasing Sex Drive

Saw palmetto may naturally boost testosterone levels. Testosterone, present in both men and women, is a sex hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass and fat distribution, as well as the production of red blood cells.

When someone has low levels of testosterone, chances are, sex is on the back-burner. Since saw palmetto could prevent testosterone conversion, that means more of it hangs out in the body. This boosts the libido, as well as sperm count and fertility.

Is it a Good Idea to Use Saw Palmetto for Testosterone?

Saw palmetto could improve your sex drive by regulating an imbalance of testosterone in your body. As mentioned above, it slows down the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This means it’s possible for you to have more testosterone for longer.

Improving Hair Loss

Hair loss could be the result of a bunch of things – genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and even certain medicines can cause it. Saw palmetto might help with the hormonal factor and effectively defend against hair loss.

Is Saw Palmetto Good for Hair?

The supplementation of saw palmetto could be great for hair loss. A study conducted on alopecia shows that saw palmetto enhanced the quality of the hair, as well as increased the amount and density of the hair. Moreover, increased levels of DHT in the body has been linked to hair loss. Saw palmetto inhibits its production and uptake in the hair follicles, and generally supports healthy hair, skin, and nails..

Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health? We Say Yes.

Saw palmetto could be a great addition to your health routine. But why stop there? When looking to supplement your day with nutrients, it’s best to choose a product that puts ingredients first. Pros-T is packed with all-natural ingredients that enhance urinary flow, promote a healthy hormonal balance, and ease symptoms associated with the prostate.