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Did you know herbal medicines comprise the oldest working system of medicine on the planet? It's a fact, written evidence in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be traced back 5,000 years, and anthropological evidence of early man's use of plant medicine dates back some 60 thousand years to the Late Stone Age of the Paleolithic era. Also, as a time-tested standard, we should not forget that medicinal herbs were a mainstay treatment modality of Galen, Pliny, Dioscorides and the father of modern Western medicine, Hippocrates—to name only a few of history's medical pioneers.

Interestingly, of the 50-plus herbs that made up the original Hippocratic “medicine chest,” only a handful have not survived the test of time; most are still in use today. You'll find many in extract or whole-herb form in the LifeSeasons offerings in this category. There is some crossover of basic health formulas—like Daily Omega Complex and Healthy Aging—in this group, but what really sets this category apart is what we could nickname the "LifeSeasons OTCs." OTCs are over-the-counter remedies that you can buy without a prescription for all those common, everyday conditions and health issues. But, unlike the symptom-suppression approach that many of these “patent medicines” are based on, we believe it's more efficient and long lasting to work with the body's own systems, using a holistic, tonic-support approach wherever possible. So far, this product line-up includes:

  • Breathe-X: An excellent formula based around quercetin, citrus bioflavonoids and nettle for allergy and sinus support that can be used for any type of mucous congestion.*
  • Rest-ZZZ: A very effective GABA- and melatonin-based combination that also includes some of nature's best calmative nervines for relaxation and sleep support that may also help reset natural sleep rhythm.*
  • Regulari-T: A bowel support formula that includes a special selection of both classes of laxatives and bowel tonics to improve regularity and transit time.*
  • Visibili-T: Our top-selling, award-winning and best-in-class eye health complex formulated to improve microcirculation, supply critical antioxidants to help improve night vision and combat the effects of work-related eye strain and aging.*

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Mother Nature has been generous with her remedies for women's health issues. The plant kingdom is full of historically effective herbal, therapeutic and nutritional remedies for women—some even mimic the effects of estrogen or contain phytoestrogens (i.e., plant-based and chemically similar estrogenic molecular structures (e.g., soy beans)). Interestingly, remedies in this category show up prominently in every major system of phytomedicine worldwide. Some, like Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Vitex (agnus-castus) were so well regarded as pharmaceutically active herbal remedies that they were listed in early editions of American, Asian and European pharmacopoeias. Today, they are finding their way back into respected pharmacy practice manuals as standardized extracts.

LifeSeasons uses many of these plant preparations as whole herbs, whole-herb extracts and extracted active compounds in our women's health formulas—mainly in tonic support roles for: PMS/PM Tension (PreMense-T formula), menopause and hot flashes (Pausitivi-T formula), libido and hormonally sensitive tissue support (Sensitivi-T formula), as an antilithic to help prevent the formation of calculi, urinary inflammation and for yeast support (Urinari-X formula) and for urinary incontinence (Securi-T formula). Please note that Urinari-X is not really gender specific. It is placed in our Women's Health product offerings because urinary issues, especially UTIs, are much more prevalent in women than in men.

Consider also that there is some formula crossover in our Women's Health offerings and our Men's Health category that include our Healthy Aging formula as a broad-spectrum, high-potency antioxidant; the Daily Omega Complex Formula because essential fatty acids are even more critical to female health than they are to males; and finally the Metabolism formula for weight control. It is formulated to be effective on a stand-alone basis or used as an adjunctive enhancer to improve results with all of the most popular diet programs.*

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Comparatively by volume, there is little else in nature that can positively influence total male health like the testosterone hormone. This androgenic hormone controls: sex drive, regulation of sperm production, muscle mass, oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, increased energy, immune response, skeletal form and load-bearing capacity, rugedness of skin, voice tone, hair growth and aggressive/competitive behavior. And that is just a partial list! In an average 21-year-old man, all of this is produced by a mid-range average of about six ten-thousandths of a milligram of testosterone per deciliter of circulating blood. This is the main reason why the Masculini-T Testosterone Support formula provides the cornerstone of LifeSeasons Men's Health formulas.

Additionally, because a large and increasing percentage of men begin dealing with prostate enlargement at about age 50, we developed a prostate-specific glandular support formula called Pros-T that can be used with Masculini-T or on a stand-alone basis. Now, to these two products, add the Heart Health formulas—including an excellent Daily Omega Complex formula for “good fats,” a "best-in-class," broad-spectrum antioxidant in our Healthy Aging formula and the newly reformulated and upgraded Metabolism formula for weight control—and we present a formidable men's health product line that effectively helps you deal with our population's most common men's health issues.*

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The reality of aging is that skeletal form and function of the human body is most often hampered and impaired by arthritis. In 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control, arthritis affected more than 52 million Americans, or about 22.7% of the U.S. population—and its prevalence is on the rise. The two most common and best-known types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Both are considered diseases of an overactive immune system. Most medical practitioners agree that both types of arthritis have multiple causes and are therefore very difficult to treat.

The most effective treatment methods found thus far appear to be nutritional and physical therapies. Since both types are considered to be autoimmune conditions causing the body to attack its own joint and connective tissues due to an overactive inflammatory response, it is necessary to supply the nutritional building blocks and chemical compounds the body needs to replenish and rebuild damaged tissues. Also, it’s important to note that formula-dose dynamics make formulations very user friendly and generally more efficient than single remedies because they carry many more possibilities for synergistic results when treating multi-cause and multi-effect ailments like arthritis. They also tend to be easier to dose, considering the multiplier effect they have in going from a maintenance dose to an acute-condition dose range that may also require some buffering of active ingredients.

Given these considerations, LifeSeasons presents three excellent, healthy choice, formulas for joint and connective tissue support: Mobili-T, Daily Omega Complex and Healthy Aging.*

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The enemies of a healthy heart and cardiovascular system inflict damage silently over time, so you may not even be aware of a serious health problem until you discover out-of-range blood pressure levels, high cholesterol or a triglyceride imbalance. Likewise, sluggish blood flow may lead to the slow buildup of plaque and an increased risk of blood clots in your arteries. LifeSeasons supplements can help you replenish and support a healthy heart and circulation by supplying key nutritional heart and circulatory factors. They can also help maintain blood-fat ratios; that is, cholesterol and triglyceride levels within your normal range by supplying "good" fats and providing nutritional support for your liver. Also high on the list of silent enemies impacting a healthy cardiovascular system are stress and nervous tension which, if uncontrolled, can cause or worsen high blood pressure. So, we've also included formulated ingredients that provide support in managing high blood pressure related to these negative, nerve-related forces.*

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The main reason why formulas or combinations of various remedies have been the treatment mainstays in both of Earth’s oldest systems of medicine (i.e., Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine), is mainly due to the fact that ailments manifest themselves via a multitude of areas and symptoms, thereby requiring multiple actions and effects to treat them. There is no area of health concern where this is truer than in dealing with the effects of stress.

It's now well known that constant nervous stress can worsen, complicate and prolong most conditions of poor health. A classic definition of nervous stress (i.e., nervous anxiety) is simply “fear of the unknown." LifeSeasons’ support for this condition comes in the form of two products: Anxie-T, formulated with several herbal anxiolytics—which have a buffering or calming effect on anxiety—specifically for nervous stress and Clari-T for cognitive support and memory. These two formulas work effectively on the brain and nervous system, however, nervous stress can also take its toll on other seemingly unrelated systems.

The body should not be considered as a collection of separate parts; it should be considered as being holistically interconnected. Therefore, we find the body's immune system can be overworked and require general support accomplished with our Immuni-T formula. Stresses from the unrelenting onslaught of aging or just the pressures of the day-to-day grind of life can require an extra dietary supplemental intake of essential fatty acids and antioxidants from formulas like our Daily Omega Complex and Healthy Aging. For the extra-heavy physical stress that manual labor or athletics can place on the joints and connective tissues, there's the Mobili-T formula that supplies the collagen, bio-available sulphur complex and glycosaminoglycan building blocks for healthy joints and optimal range of motion.*

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We've all heard the old adage, "You are what you eat." But without a little training in general health and some knowledge of how the body works, most folks just shrug and say, "So what? No big deal." Then they proceed through life and take no thought for what a balanced, nutritionally sound diet should include and thus set themselves up to be a CDC statistic of poor health at about age 40. In fact, gastrointestinal problems are the number two cause of hospitalization for people in the United States between the ages of 45 and 64. Also, the prescription drug category for ulcers of the digestive tract generally occupies one of the top three spots in prescription drug sales.

Everyone should take notice of the number of beneficial probiotic products that are now being offered by major pharmaceutical companies—a space that was traditional only occupied by the health and natural foods industry less than a decade ago! The fact of the matter is we aren't what we eat; we are what we assimilate (digest and absorb). Good digestion and absorption are critical to good health, and that's why LifeSeasons offers a product for supporting digestive health that includes both friendly (i.e., probiotic) microorganisms and western-diet specific digestive enzymes.*

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Just as a refresher, blood sugar, or the amount of sugar as glucose (i.e., the cellular fuel molecule of all cells), circulating in blood is critical to health and is therefore tightly controlled by a healthy body. Hypoglycemia is a condition of low blood sugar, and hyperglycemia is a condition of high blood sugar. Both are undesirable and present significant health risks if left uncontrolled. Our bodies depend on the pancreas to secrete the hormones insulin and glucagon in a delicate balance to maintain an optimal metabolic level of glucose. Insulin works to decrease the transport of glucose and amino acids and stimulate glycogen (i.e., a glucose-storage molecule) and fat formation when blood sugar is too high. The glucagon hormone, in opposition, stimulates the formation of glucose and drives breakdown of fats and glycogen when blood sugar levels are too low.

As a population, we are not immune to our own consequences. Poor diet choices will yield bad consequences. In our case here in the United States, a diet high in simple sugars and other carbohydrates, as well as fatty foods high in trans-fats and low in essential fatty acids— along with lack of exercise and other lifestyle choices—has produced an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Researchers say the growing rate of cases in these related areas of national health concern represent a "metabolic time bomb." Interestingly, it has been shown that all but Type I diabetes responds well to a consistent diet and exercise program. Research has also shown that supplementation with key minerals—such as glucose tolerance factor (GTF) chromium and a fairly long list of herbs, herbal extracts and antioxidant compounds—can supply the body with elements that speed the healing process of Type I diabetes and slow progression of probable tissue damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and blood vessels stemming from Type II diabetes.*

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More than 20 years ago, a public service message about the value of higher education for disadvantaged kids that ran as a hard-hitting TV commercial ended with this tag line: "A brain is a terrible thing to waste." As medical advances prolong life, the likelihood of that “brain wasting” due to cognitive decline and the onset of senile dementia is greater than ever. Cognition, however, is not just the brain function of memory. Lack of circulation to the brain that governs the central nervous system can diminish or impair many sensory functions, such as: eyesight, balance, sense of smell and appetite, time/space perception and even emotions like love, anger, fear, joy and well being. So doesn't it make sense to take extra-special care of the brain? Wouldn't it be a great form of life insurance for a happy and productive life to do the things that have proven most effective for brain and central nervous system support?

Research has shown that brain tissues are composed of high amounts of Omega 3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. The term “essential” in this description means that the body can't make these particular fatty acids, so they must be consumed. Researchers looking for a cure for memory loss, senile dementia and possibly Alzheimer's Disease found that a high-definition extract of Ginkgo biloba improved microcirculation in the brain by making red blood cells more elastic, delivering more oxygen and acting as powerful antioxidants that reduce free radical damage. These two examples are just a couple of the many reasons why LifeSeasons offers the formulas below for cognitive support. We think you'll be impressed with the effectiveness of these products and, in turn, be moved to invest some brain power to discover the reasons for each of the other formula ingredients in these products.*

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The liver is a marvelous and essential metabolic organ responsible for at least 500 chemical reactions critical to proper metabolism. Its main functions are:

  1. Detoxification of metabolites
  2. Protein synthesis
  3. Production of bio-chemicals essential to digestion.

The liver’s role in detoxification alone would take pages to list, let alone examine and explain. To handle this chore, it is no accident that it is the largest glandular organ in our bodies and has the ability to regenerate tissues damaged in the detoxification process. However, as tough and efficient as the liver is designed to be, there are some toxins, both endogenous and exogenous, that can be more than its detox capabilities can handle. These toxins include alcohols, acetaminophen and certain industrial chemicals, like carbon tetrachloride. Also not by accident, nature has provided some external rescue remedies in the form of Earth's minerals, herbs and plant extracts. Our personal favorite, evidenced and backed by research, historical records and personal experience, is an extract of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). It is also the lead botanical ingredient (at a clinically proven dose) in our LifeSeasons Puri-T formula for liver support.*

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Allergies can be generally defined as a hyper-immune (i.e., overactive) inflammatory response usually brought on by commonly encountered allergens, including pollen, dust, animal hair, foods, dyes, spices and household chemicals. Since an allergic reaction is internal, an allergy sufferer has four basic choices of treatment: 1) avoid the cause, 2) take medication to control the symptom(s), 3) control or suppress the immune system or 4) control the symptom(s) while treating the immune system to bring it back into balance. At LifeSeasons, we view number four as the most sensible and holistic option. We also provide formulas to help you accomplish that goal.

Breathe-X is designed as a non-antihistamine, tonic, astringent and decongestant that controls the inflammatory mucous response of sensitive mucous membranes. Immuni-T is our best effort at providing a true immune tonic based on the Law of Similars, as in "like cures like." In case you haven't noticed yet, the use of the letter "T" in our formula names signifies the formulas’ wellness approach as a tonic. The formulas in this Allergy and Immune grouping are designed to be taken together, but they can be used separately as needed. Taking these two products in early fall and/or spring is a great way to see if they work for you!*

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Inflammation generally causes pain and discomfort, so it's not surprising that an anti-inflammatory can relieve pain. In fact, aspirin—the oldest and most widely known pain reliever—is pharmaceutically classed as an NSAID (i.e., Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). Today, aspirin is synthetically produced, but salicylic acid, it's active compound, was originally isolated from White Willow bark (Salix alba) back in 1897 through historical reference stating that Hippocrates recommended a tea of the bark for headaches. Today, aspirin is one of the world's most popular medicines, with production totaling an astounding 40 thousand tons annually. The category of pain relief is larger still and expanding with aspirin substitutes and alternatives, including acetaminophen and ibuprofen. But these drugs are not without troublesome side effects and complications from overuse.

At LifeSeasons, we set out to find a more natural alternative for pain management that starts again with nature's pharmacy. The following pain management formula was built using our belief in the idea of a therapeutic approach that is:*

  • Holistic – Made from ingredients that are as natural and effective as possible.
  • Eclectic - Works with and possibly includes anything acting as nutritive, synergistic or as a cofactor from any therapeutic system—ancient or modern—for healing that is both effective and noninvasive.
  • Formula bound – Able to produce a variety of therapeutic effects and speed healing through synergy and buffering with better client compliance and minor (if any) side effects.
  • Naturopathic – Directed at the cause of the condition for wellness and not just allopathic symptom relief.

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“My right eye was the reason I was diagnosed with MS. I was completely blind in the one eye when I went to the E.R. Upon leaving the hospital I only recovered 50% of my vision back. After being on this product for a few months my vision is now 95% back and continually stable. Thank you life seasons for making an amazing supplement! ”

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“After 1 complete year on it, my doctor agrees it works!”

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“I really enjoy the way I feel using this product!! Without it my body sure reacts to the absence. I always am providing my family and friends with a suggestion for them to try it and see for themselves. Thank you Super Supplements! ”


“If you have trouble sleeping or insomnia this product is the best there is and really works.”


“This is a lifesaver and it works amazingly. I get UTIs very often and this is now my new best friend. I had a pretty bad UTI, had to leave work because it was that bad, bought this and took 3 within a couple hours of each other and the next day it was just about gone and returned to work in the morning. ”