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Ingredient Type: Botanical

Also Known As: Avena sativa, Common oat, Cultivated oat, Oatgrass, Wild oat

Oat is an annual plant that produces a cereal grain and grows in temperate climates.  It is commonly consumed in the diet, and the seed (oat), leaves and stem (oat straw), and bran (the outer layer of whole oats) are also used for a variety of medicinal purposes.  Parts of the plant have been used to help with fatigue, joint pain, kidney and bladder health, and skin health.

Oat extracts are used in health supplements today for the skin and to help with fatigue.


In the meantime see the MedlinePlus entry for oats, the RXList entry for oats, the WebMD entry for oats, this European Medicines Agency monograph on Avena sativa, or the Michigan Medicine Health Library entry for oats for more information.