Anti Inflammation Supplement

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Inflamma-X soothes occasional intestional distress and discomfort. It normalizes disruptive intestional irregularity and bloating. And it provides nutritive support for lining of the intestinal tract.

Common Supplement Results

You may notice some benefits of using Inflamma-X with the first 2 to 3 weeks, with enhanced joint flexibility, and relief from everyday aches and pains. Studies show that inflamed tissues cannot function in an optimal way, and when used consistently over 6 or more weeks, comfort and ease of movement is enhanced and the body's natural inflammatory response is balanced.

Everyone is different, and results will vary from person to person. The key is to maintain consistent use every day to see best results.


Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach.


When we burn our arm on the oven or sprain an ankle, something predictable happens – our body reacts to defend itself. The immune system, through a multifaceted response, sends white blood cells to protect the area, and we see redness and swelling. This is acute inflammation, it is the first step toward healing, and our lives depend on it.

There is another form of inflammation, chronic inflammation, and this happens when tissues are continuously challenged by pro-inflammatory compounds that result from cigarette smoking, or a diet high in sugar or saturated fat, for example. Scientists now belief that many degenerative diseases may result from this kind of chronic inflammation.

That’s why we created Inflamma-X, to help soothe the kind of everyday aches, pains, and tissue swelling that result from chronic inflammation, without the side effects often seen with prescription drugs. We use herbs, extracts and enzymes to support the balance of a healthy inflammatory response. A highly absorbed form of Turmeric, Protease enzymes, Boswellia, Bromelain, Tart Cherry, Ginger, Hops, Scullcap, and White Willow are among the synergistic ingredients that work together with your body to help calm inflamed tissues.


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  • Turmeric

    Turmeric promotes a healthy inflammatory response.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Turmeric has been used widely in India in Ayurvedic Medicine to help with a variety of internal disorders. Turmeric contains several phytonutrients, the most notable of which is Curcumin. These compounds are thought to have broad health benefits.  A patented, clinically studied optimized Turmeric called Meriva is known for its effectiveness of combining Turmeric extract with a phytosome (phospholipid) that increases its absorption and assimilation.*

  • Boswellia

    Boswellia, also known as Indian Frankincense, is a tree resin that has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to quiet inflammation throughout the body.* 

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Boswellin is used in supplements today to support a healthy inflammatory response as well as respiratory health. Studies have shown Boswellia acts as an inflammatory mediator in relation to leukotrienes. Leukotrienes are known to cause bronchial muscles to contract when the inflammatory response is unhealthy. Boswellin it has been indicated in a German study for postive use in bonchial inflammatory issues.*

  • Bromelain

    Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from pinneapple. Bromelian may inhibit pro-inflammatory compunds in the body.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Bromelain is used in health supplements today for digestion and to soothe tissue.  Bromelain is a protealytic enzyme, meaning it breaks down protein.  Taken with food the Bromelain goes to work on the food protein.  When used on an empty stomach, it works on protein based antigens rather than food to support tissue and joint comfort.*

  • Tart Cherry

    Tart Cherry is a rich source of antioxidants called anthocyanins.* 

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Tart Cherry protects against free radicals and promotes healthy tissues.*

  • Protease Enzymes

    Protease Enzymes help break down larger protein molecules into polypeptides and amoino acids.*

    WHY WE INCLUDED IT: Protease supports the digestion of proteins that may undermine tissue health.*


Inflamma-X Supplement Facts


Amount Per Serving

Protease Enzymes (from Asperigillus oryzae) 25,000 HUT (+)

Tumeric rhizome extract (Curcumin longa) (Meriva®) (Phytosome with 18% to 22% [90 mg to 110 mg] total curcuminoids)

500 mg (+)

Boswellia leaf extract (Boswellia serrata) (65% [97.5 mg] boswellic acids)

150 mg (+)

Bromelain (from Ananas comosus stem) (120 GDU)

50 mg (+)

Quercetin (from Fava D'anta)

50 mg (+)

Tart Cherry fruit (Prunus cerasus) (VitaCherry®)

25 mg (+)

Nettle leaf extract (Urtica diotica) 4:1

25 mg (+)
Ginger root extract (Zingiber offinale) (5% [1mg] gingerols) 20 mg (+)
Hops flower (Humulus lupulus) 20 mg (+)
Skullcap root extract (Scutellaria baucalensis) 4:1 20 mg (+)
White Willow bark (Salix alba) 20 mg (+)
Other ingredients: Lecithin (sunflower), microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose (vegetable cellulose), rice bran and silica. DOES NOT CONTAIN artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, corn, and milk. **Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. If blank, % Daily Value is not established.
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