Our Ingredients

Best Ingredients. Best Formulas. Best Results.

At LifeSeasons we believe that getting the best ingredients will make the best formulas, and ultimately, this gets you the best results. We are always on a quest to identify the highest quality of clinically studied ingredients. Each supplement is thoughtfully crafted to help you maintain an optimum state of health. The process begins with our high standards.

The LifeSeasons Ingredient Standards

We take great pride in how we select, source, and test each of our ingredients. For every supplement produced, we conduct extensive research on the individual ingredients used and develop formulas that work synergistically to deliver maximum potency.

The Selection Process

New supplement formulas begin with our product development team discussing a health condition. This group, with over 150 years of combined experience in the natural product industry, then identifies the ingredients best suited to naturally treat this condition.

Our team’s in-house biochemist, master herbalist, and other experts curate unique, synergistic formulas. This process involves studying how the ingredients work together, researching what studies have been done on each ingredient, and identifying where the ingredients have already proven to show results. The end outcome is creating a supplement that has a physiological impact on your body, successfully producing the desired result

The Sourcing Process

Ingredient integrity is of paramount importance for LifeSeasons to assure we provide you with well-crafted formulas that support your health journey. LifeSeasons sources ingredients from trusted suppliers all over the world.

The Testing Process

We test all incoming ingredients for identity, potency, and purity (microbial, heavy metals, etc.). Every single ingredient that we procure passes through our botanist (he is one of three botanists in the United States with the ability to test ingredients the way we do). By sampling each batch of ingredients, he can identify if the quality of the ingredient is going to produce the desired effect. Any ingredient that does not achieve our high quality standards is rejected and the shipment is sent back.

Each ingredient is tested three times:

When it’s received.

When it goes through the manufacturing process.

When it’s the final product.

If an ingredient at our manufacturing facility fails to pass any one of our tests, we reject the entire batch. We have lost business and been out of stock due to rejecting incoming ingredients that don’t fit our standards.

Manufactured in the USA

LifeSeasons products are manufactured in the USA in a food grade GMP facility (Good Manufacturing Practice facility). This means the FDA ensures that we use the Good Manufacturing Process to create only quality products for consumers. The quality of our manufacturer meets the same standards required to produce household over-the-counter products.

Some of the ingredients we source are called branded ingredients due to either a patented process or having patented intellectual property regarding specific research and/or clinical trials for a given function. When our product development team deems it more beneficial for the functionality of the formula, or more beneficial for the end result, to include branded ingredients on certain raw materials then we follow suit.

We have also gone back ourselves and pulled our product off store shelves one year later or close to the expiration date to test potency. We also look for adulterants. Although most things that are adulterated are usually your vitamins and your minerals, not your herbs, we look for all of these things under the microscope to ensure a pure ingredient. (Adulteration: “to corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element; especially: to prepare for sale by replacing more valuable with less valuable or inert ingredients.”)

Ultimately, here at LifeSeasons we support research to provide confidence to individuals and their healthcare partners. We believe in nature; the next step is to support the scientific process in proving what the ancients have always known: Nature Works.


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